Monday, 31 August 2009

Enjoyed in bank holiday.

During these two days, I totally immersed into the Notting Hill Carnival which is an annual event takes place during the bank holiday at the end of August. Incredible large number of people went there and enjoyed them. The Carnivals demonstrated Caribbean culture quite well. I saw many people from Jamaica were wearing a Jamaica flat even some people who not really Jamaican. The DJ stages, Caribbean food, performing parade were holding everywhere in Notting Hill area. We painted Jamaica colors which are red, green, yellow on our faces, trying to visit every place worth to see. It a big event to attracting people came to London in summer holiday, we extremely enjoyed it and have fun with other glad people.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Thinking about presentation.

Yesterday, I went to the Canary Wharf Jazz Festival, it hold in the small size square park, but still can’t stop people’s immense passion. With extremity gorgeous band, I enjoyed whole afternoon to lie in the lawn.

I have been researching for the festival event for 3 years, any of these, it’s a really inspiring task to do. From these years, I attend many kinds of festivals by myself, spent lots of time, lots of money, lots of energy to seeing about festival. Every time I would ask the sentiment from my accompanier when end of festival, to conclude the positive and negative experiences. Being staff in festival as volunteer before, I got some advantaged experience about operation. Meanwhile, I also acquaint myself with marketing side. Just as from big plan of festival to tiny thing as care about actress’s feeling.

Do the presentation this time, although I haven’t attend the London Jazz festival yet, but before this, I read a lot about this festival materials on magazine or online. And I was observed with information from official website and thinking deeply about people’s general feedback. According to myself experience, there were not so much different between these jazz festivals, so that I try my best to do this presentation for London Jazz Festival as a real. If these point would going to work, maybe one day, it probably to improve the festival event mostly.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Play up for presentation.

For presentation alone, I have to do lots of pre-work by myself, but worth it, why not? I was interested about music festival in UK for such a long time. I heard much in radio and read lots in magazine about types of festival in United Kingdom. Now I can visit and attend it really. How wonderful it was. I do this presentation not for assignment but learn a handle module for myself. I know it’s not a easy work researching in English way, but surprising thing is, by lasting 7 weeks language study, I felt thinking, speaking and writing in English logic more naturally than before. When I was writing reflective diary, I can type the sentence with what I thinking directly, no longer to type Chinese first then translate to English. I should play up with continuing presentation and final report.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

To be continue.

When finished block one pre-sessional language course, I already for next challenging block two. We had a class trip at the end of block one and visited Design museum, it’s about contemporary arts. There have lots of conceptual arts and amazing display comes as a surprise. To be honest, I almost never been to gallery before and know nothing about painting arts. But this time, I found some interesting things apparently. Meanwhile, I have got to visit gallery again, the theme named Walking in my mind in Southbank centre, also fantastic.

To sum up the outcome of block one, I got the progress of speaking and writing, especially vocabulary. By this token, the native language atmosphere is the most important factor in study English. Life is continuing and I tasted the pleasure about studying in London. I hope everything can make sense also make great efforts to me in the future.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Views of 'The way of seeing'.

Indian mystic said: "There is a way which is supremely effective. Just look at yourself as you are, see yourself as you are, accept yourself as you are, and go ever deeper into what you are. “I watched an advertising lesson video in class Last Friday; it is a good way to explore the deeper meaning of advertising. This video demonstrated the history and development of advertise in human social. It exerts plenty of vivid instance, also shows the effect by contrast.

Life is defined differently and everybody have their own view about life. To most of people, life represents the way they live. For those living in poverty, life could be uneasy and struggling. While to those born with a golden spoon, life could be a lot of fun. People’s life like a state which is predeterminate. But into advertise menu, people can get what they want to get, and also can dreaming about what they dreaming about. Unfair can turns to fair. So that why advertise such influenced people’s lifestyle and social development.

Monday, 20 July 2009

For everything I enjoy.

Last Friday, I finished my first English presentation. To be honest, I felt nervous to speak in front of people even if I did presentation so many times before, course I was unconfident about my oral English. But with my good team, I tried my best to finish this presentation. Then I feel relax during this process and it’s not difficult than I ever thought. Even better, for sure. This is an important process means doing exercise. That’s why we were going to progress.

Yesterday, I went to the Shoreditch park festival with MIAO which featuring live music, dance and film. There have a big ground market beside, and people sold some interested goods from Africa and Egypt. We saw the great dance for memorialize the King of pop Michael Jackson and some excellent Latin style bands. We spent enjoyable time in there and took the dinner in Nando’s restaurant.

I almost been here for a month, and spent lots of time to touring. Then may be it’s time to taste life as slow pace.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

An unforgettable concert in Barbican.

Last night, I visited the Barbican culture centre and saw a fantastic Jazz show. The show invited three splendid Jazz bands. Especially the second pianist who came from Japan named Hiromi, seems like little girl just aged 20. But all of audience in the theater were shock by her rapid figures and extemporize playing. It quite silence when she was playing in the stage. And end of the performance, audience were standing from seats and applauding for a very long time. Last musician is an attractive woman whom plays saxophone, perfect cooperated with her band and give us a wonderful night encore.

I had saw large numbers of concerts in China, but there’s less about Jazz music. It was feeling bran-new about music journey in London. First-rank musicians and enjoyable atmosphere theater gains me unforgettable memory. I’d like to know more about music and arts here to inspiring my inspiration.